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Malim Nawar Stories (5): Visiting The Power Station 2

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Subject :Malim Nawar Stories (5): Visiting The Power Station 2
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Location : Malim Nawar, Perak
Estimated Year : 1960
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Richard Saxey, UK
Remark :

More pictures from Malim Nawar, featuring the famed Perak Hydro Power Station. These pictures show the important figures who worked at the power station, during a walkabout around the area. Our donor, Richard Saxey, mentions that these pictures were taken when new turbines and controls were installed at the power station.

The Perak River Hydro-Electric Power Company Ltd had their HQ along Cooper Road in Ipoh.

Thanks to Ruth Iversen Rollitt, Raymond Ng, Ipoh Remembered, and our donor, we have names for the gentlemen in the last picture. From left to right: Nam Seng (Raymond's father); Frederick Saxey (Richard's father, who was the Superintendent at the Perak River Hydro-Electric Power Station, in Malim Nawar); John Smith (General Manager); Sha'ari bin Shafie (Menteri Besar of Perak); and George Clemetson (who lived with his family along Tiger Lane - see picture here).

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