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Press Cutting – Lady Of Valour - Sybil Kathigasu With Video

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Subject :Press Cutting – Lady of Valour - Sybil Kathigasu with Video
Published By : Star Publications 
Location : Ipoh / Papan, Perak
Estimated Year : 2010
Media Type : Article
Source : The Star Newspaper, StarMag
Remark :

Published on 2 May 2010, this article takes a look at Ipoh's famous war heroine Sybil Kathigasu and the TV drama and documentary that were made for local television.

Produced by SM Productions, Siapa Sybil (who is Sybil), the one hour documentary in Bahasa Malaysia (the Malay language) is based on Sybil's own book "No Dram of Mercy" and several historical sources including the National Archives, The National Film Archives, Perak heritage Society and ipohWorld's archive. The documentary was directed by Zan Asli and apart from finding it difficult to source the necessary documents he commented that he was surprised that Malaysians in general were ignorant of the heroic role Sybil played during the Japanese Occupation.

The eight part drama Suatu Ketika Sybil ... Apa Dosaku was produced by Red Communications and directed by Bernard Chauly is based on historical records from similar sources as the documentary including original photographs from ipohWorld. The filming was done in the actual house in Papan where Sybil and her family lived during the war as well as in Batu Gajah and Ipoh. Coincidentally, the leading role in both drama and documentary was played by Eurasian actress Elaine Daly who is Sybil's paternal Grand Niece.

We have a copy of Episode 8 of Apa Dosaku, by Red Communications (DVD cover is the fourth picture).

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