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The Chinese Kung-Fu Karato (Atado) By Leong Fu

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Subject :The Chinese Kung-Fu Karato (Atado) By Leong Fu
Published By : None 
Location : Ipoh, Perak
Estimated Year : 1958
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : Dato' Lim Si Boon
Remark :

The photographs in this entry are those of a 21 part series (inclusive of a promotional booklet) of Chinese Kung-Fu Karato (Atado), The Chinese Art of Self-Defence That Is Executed Almost Without Any Bodily Contact (Leong Fu System of Self-Defence) written by Honourable Master Leong Fu, retired undefeated Chinese Kung-Fu Champion of the World. Each part consists of an outer card folder containing a set of illustrated loose sheet instructions bound with a clear plastic wrap. Illustration are both line illustrations and photographs, rear covers feature a photograph of Leong Fu. Given Kung-Fu did not really achieve widespread international recognition until the TV programmes and films of the 1970s, this will be an early English language introduction to the subject.

The booklets are approximately 250mm high x 185mm wide and the promotional booklet (first and second photograph) is approximately 178mm high x 117mm wide.

According to peterharrington.co.uk, no copies have been recorded by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) in any libraries internationally, and no trade records in the usual channels.

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