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Four Generations In Ipoh

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Subject :Four Generations In Ipoh
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Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1940
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Nancy Ong Geen Lye
Remark :

The four photographs in this entry is that of Nancy's family from her collection.

The first is one that has three generations of her Baba Nyonya family taken in Ipoh before she was born. She is the fourth generation. In the picture are:

Her great grandmother (seated, 5th from left), her grandmother, Liew Yoot Lan, (seated, 4th from left), her mother, Loo Yoon Ngoh, (seated, 2nd from right, born in 1922) and her uncles, (seated in the front row at both ends). On the left is uncle No.1, Loo Kok Kam, and on the right is uncle No.3, Loo Kok Poh, ( born in 1930's).

The second photograph is that of Nancy's mother, Loo Yoon Ngoh.

The next photograph is that of her grandmother, Liew Yoot Lan in her traditional Baba Nyonya outfit; kebaya, kerongsang, and anklets. 

The last photograph is that of her grandparents; Liew Yoot Lan (grandmother), Loo Seong Lan (grandfather) and her eldest uncle, Loo Kok Kam, sitting on her grandmother's lap. 

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