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A Black&White Whisky Bottle Opener

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Subject :A Black&White Whisky Bottle Opener
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Location : Ipoh, Perak.
Estimated Year : 1970
Media Type : Artifact
Source : Madam Ko Wye Fong, Kuala Lumpur
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The photograph above displayed a bottle opener from a whsiky company known as the BLACK&WHITE WHISKY. As you can see in the picture , part of the label has gone missing. In the label are actually a picture of two dogs and the name of the company. The body of the opener was made of wood, whereas the head of the opener was made of metal, but it is seriously rusted. Good news is, it still functional. 

About Black&White Whisky:

BLACK&WHITE is a blended scotch whisky.It was originally produced by the London-based James Buchanan & Co Ltd founded by James Buchanan. Originally known as House of common (after the British House Common), its nickname, referring to the black and white labelling, was eventually adopted as the official brand instead. The brand's motif (featuring a black Scottish Terreriand a white West Highland Terrier) was conceived by James Buchanan himself during the 1890s.

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