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Mohd Ali Bin Pitchay (aka Ali Pitchay) - Japanese Occupation In Malaya

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Subject :Mohd Ali bin Pitchay (aka Ali Pitchay) - Japanese Occupation In Malaya
Published By : None 
Location : Malaya
Estimated Year : 1944
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : The family of the late Mohd Ali bin Pitchay
Remark :

Mohd Ali Bin Pitchay – Events Pre and Post Japanese Occupation.

Ali Pitchay was the Ipoh Town Superintendent and his official residence was at 65, Maxwell Road Ipoh. With the imminent invasion by the Japanese forces, he was ordered to vacate his residence on short notice in mid-December 1941. He was told that the military would be destroying the railway godown which was opposite his house. He left his Maxwell Rd house and returned to Taiping to his family home, taking with him only his personal belongings. In fear of the Japanese advancing forces, he sent his children to Parit, Perak, to his brother-in-law’s house for their safety. After 2 days of vacating his official residence, the godown was bombed; destroying fuel reserves, food stocks, and all goods in the warehouses and goods trains in the yard. The Maxwell road house was also totally destroyed. This was to deny the advancing Japanese forces of the British inventories.

After the British surrendered on 15th February 1942, Ali Pitchay returned to his post in Ipoh. He was instrumental in clearing-up the ravages of war, including clearing the bodies of the victims of war. He also played a vital role in getting basic utilities for Ipoh town, up and running. The new Japanese Government authorities appreciated his services towards the populace and his good rapport with the public and other government branches. Based on this, the Perak Nippon Government appointed him the Chief Sanitary Officer, Kinta effective 1st January 1942. He served the Japanese Government until the return of the British following the Japanese surrender on 15th August 1945. Under the reinstated British government he resumed his position as Ipoh Town Superintendent and was promoted to Chief Sanitary Inspector, Kinta on 15th February 1947. He retired in the said position on 31st December 1950.


The pictures show documents from the early 1940s, during the Japanese Occupation in Malaya. From left to right:

  1. An identification certificate, which was carried by Mahamat Ali Pitchay (Ali Pitchay), during the Japanese Occupation. Dated 16 April 1944, Ali Pitchay was said to be the Mayor of Taiping. He was 49 years old back then. This pass was issued on 1st January 1942. It also states (on the second page) Ali Pitchay's address in Taiping - Lot 25, Jalan Tupai, Taiping.

  2. Gunseibu Perak Sibu, certifying that Mohamed Ali (Ali Pitchay) was appointed as Chairman of the Sanitary Board, Kinta - as of 1 January 2602. The year 2602 is calculated from the 1st year of installation of the Japanese Emperor; when converted to the Gregorian Calendar it is actually 1942. This being the traditional date from the Japanese calendar that Malaya was forced to use during he Japanese Occupation 1941 to 1945.
    This document bears the official stamp from the military government of Japan, and is signed the President Mr Nagawa.

  3. Another Japanese document which reads as "I hereby appoint Inche Mohamed Ali bin Pitchai to be the Chairman of Ipoh Sanitary Board, with effect from 1st January 2602." (Note: 2602 is in actually 1942).

  4. This document dates back to 4 January 2602 (1942). We believe it is some form of proof that the Japanese Government (in Malaya) at that time found favour with Ali Pitchay and his family. Perhaps they (Japanese) viewed the family as comrades, and may have offered protection to them. Note that this document was torn in half; it is believed that the other half was probably kept by the Japanese Government.

If anyone could give us a clearer translation of this document, we could like to hear from you.


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