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Ipoh City Twin With Fukuoka, Japan

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Subject :Ipoh City twin with Fukuoka, Japan
Published By : The Star 
Location : Malaysia
Estimated Year : 1989
Media Type : Article
Source : Lim Bor Seng
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The Star, 19-04-1989 Supplement:

This year on 21st March 1989 marks another milestone in the history of Perak. It was the signing of the declaration to accord twin-city status to Ipoh and Fukuoka of Japan.

                The declaration is expected to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Japan and Malaysia. It paves a new era of strong economic and industrial cooperation and social, cultural and youth exchanges.

                The Perak State Government pledged that the people of Fukuoka, particularly tourist and businessmen would be taken good care of whenever they visit Perak. Investment opportunities such as manufacturing, agriculture or tourism will be available.

                The Perak State Development Corporation and the State Agricultural Development Corporation can attend to their interests in manufacturing, agriculture or tourism – which Perak has enough industrial estates, agriculture land and tourism potential to offer to all investors.

                The declaration of the twin-city status was signed by Datuk Bandar(the Mayor) Datuk Haji Umar Abu and Fukuoka Mayor Keiichi Kuwahara at a special function in Japan. It was witnessed by Perak Sultan, Sultan Azlan Shah, the Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ramli and top officials in the state.

                The signing of the declaration was the culmination of a visit by a delegation from Fukuoka to the Ipoh Municipal council(now City Hall) and the Sultan of Perak’s friendship with prominent Japanese businessmen and philanthropists also played a key role. In 1986 and 1987, Japanese youths from Furuoka also visited Perak to have a first-hand knowledge of its culture and lifestyle.

                The Perak State Government has also embarked on a $20 million joint venture project with the South East Asia Development Corporation Inc. Japan to plant mangosteen in Bikam near Sungkai. In February 1988 the Kyushu-Yamaguchi Economic Federation mission arrived in Perak to study the investment opportunities in the tourism industry. The mission was mainly to start a tourist resort on Pangkor Island. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ramli said negotiations were on with Japanese businessmen to invest in an electronic plant which would use rare earth in manufacturing component parts. Meanwhile the private sector took the advantage of the twinning arrangement. The Goon College in Jalan Chin Hwa, Chateau Garden, Ipoh is considering teaching the Japanese language and its system of management to make Malaysians more productive. The college would work towards the twinning of the college with an institute in Fukuoka to strengthen the bond. At t he same time City Hall is planning to invite officials and dignitaries of Fukuoka to attend a month-long Ipoh carnival in August, 1989. It would be a good opportunity for the people of the two cities to get to known one another better.


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