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The Sinhalese Bar

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Subject :The Sinhalese Bar
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Location : No. 2 Treacher Street, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 2021
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Sundralingam, Ipoh
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We thank Sundralingam for the short description below, about the Sinhalese Bar.

From what I gather, this place was opened in 1931. At the entrance the swing saloon doors of the Western movies still exist. Inside the bar, certainly there is all kinds of liquor. On the wall there is a Victorian pendulum clock, a sculpture of a deer skull and a faded photo of the founder.
You know why they opened this bar? With the migration of white-collar Ceylonese to Ipoh mooted the idea for opening this bar. In the early 1900s, there were only Chinese bars, I guess this Sinhalese was more for the Indians ethic like the Ceylonese, Malayalees, Sikhs and others. For your information, this is the only kind of bar that still exist in our country. If you are in for a beer, it will remind you on the bygone era.

The Bar closed during the MCO; it reopened after the MCO was lifted. We welcome more information about this Bar, especially regarding the early history of this place.

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  1. an overview of the building
  2. a close up of the building, showing the signboard
  3. the entrance, showing the swing doors / batwing doors

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