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Press Cutting, Alliance Chiefs Speak At Ipoh

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Subject :Press Cutting, Alliance Chiefs Speak at Ipoh
Published By : The Straits Echo & Times of Malaya  
Location : Malaya
Estimated Year : 1954
Media Type : Article
Source : Courtesy of The Straits Echo & Times of Malaya
Remark : The Straits Echo & Times of Malaya on Monday 15th of March 1954 reported that Tungku Abdul Rahman (President of UMNO), Dato Sir Cheng-lock Tan (President of MCA), and Mr. K.L Devaser (leader of MIC) addressed over 500 members of the Perak State Alliance at the Yue Hua School building in Brewster Road and urged the people of Perak to rise to the new age of politics and stand side by side for democracy and independence in the upcoming Town Council elections.

Dato Sir Cheng-lock Tan, in his speech, said that the Alliance stood for democracy, truth of equality and fraternity. He also added that the people must rise to the responsibility and knowledge independence and should not be satisfied to remain in political slavery and subdued state of degradation.

Tungku Abdul Rahman, in the meantime, said that the Alliance was formed to achieve unity in Malaya for the sake of peace. He also added that the elections are inevitable and the people must prepare themselves for the task of elections. This meeting was presided by Mr. K.C. Yang who later entertained Tungku Abdul Rahman and Dato Sir Cheng-lock Tan to a dinner.
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