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Press Cutting, Grand Alliance To Contest In Ipoh Elections

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Subject :Press Cutting, Grand Alliance to Contest in Ipoh Elections
Published By : Singapore Tiger Standard 
Location : Singapore
Estimated Year : 1953
Media Type : Article
Source : Courtesy of The Singapore Tiger Standard
Remark : On Monday 30th November 1953, the Singapore Tiger Standard reported that the UMNO and the MCA is contemplating a “grand alliance” to contest in next year’s Town Council Elections in Perak.

This move is being taken in opposition of the formation of National Associations of Perak being led by former Perak MCA President Mr. Lau Pak Khuan and Dato Panglima Bukit Gantang the Mentri Besar of Perak as the party leader. This, was told to the Press by the spokesman of the State Alliance Committee, Che Mohd. Ghazalli Jawi. He also added that the Alliance has contacted other political parties namely MIC, PPP, and Labour Party to join the coalition.

The vice-president of UMNO Malaya, Dato Ismail Rahman bin Dato Abdul Rahman, who is also the Federal Member for Lands, Mines, and Communications, in addressing the meeting, warned the Alliance not to promise too much which they cannot fulfill during their campaigning in the Town Council Elections, or else they will lose the confidence of the voters.
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