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New Hugh Low Bridge, Ipoh

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Subject :New Hugh Low Bridge, Ipoh
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Location : Hugh Low Street, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1935
Media Type : Photograph
Source : National Archives of Malaysia
Remark :

The Hugh Low Bridge was first completed as a wooden bridge in 1890 and opened for wheeled traffic to Gopeng.

The wooden bridge was replaced with an iron bridge in 1900.

The iron bridge was then widened in 1930 (as pictured) to take the ever increasing traffic, mostly non motorised. However, it became an eyesore when many homeless started to live under the bridge during the recession in the late 1930's.

Abdullah Hussain recorded: 'The beggars collected empty tins to be sold to the dealers, they hung thick paper as walls and curtains. The beautiful river is spoilt if we look under the bridges.'

In this photograph, taken from the New Town side of the Kinta River the Peoples Park and the God of Prosperity temple can be seen.

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