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Chin Peng – My Side Of History (Chinese Version)

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Subject :Chin Peng – My Side of History (Chinese version)
Published By : Media Masters Singapore and Authored by Chin Peng Ian Ward Norma Miraflor 
Location : Malaya
Estimated Year : 2006
Media Type : Book
Source : Ian Anderson, Ipoh / Kinta Properties Group
Remark : This 500page book, Chin Peng – My Side of History, is the recollections of Chin Peng himself, a guerrilla leader who waged war against British and Commonwealth forces in the jungles of Malaya. This book stands as a unique and extraordinary historical document from the man who, along with fellow believers, challenged militarily the might of both Japanese and British Empires. Chin Peng was bestowed two medals and an Order of the British Empire (OBE) by the returning British after World War 2.

But the enticements failed. To extinguish the revolutionary flames thereafter ignited by the Chin Peng-led Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), Britain embarked on a 12-year military campaign which, for insurance purposes, was labelled an “Emergency” rather than the war it was. The proclaimed war hero was labelled a ‘terrorist leader’ and huge rewards were offered for his capture – dead or alive.

Chin Peng joined the CPM in January 1940, aged only 15 and still in school. His commitment to the communist cause, the pre-war anti-colonial struggle against Britain and, eventually, guerrilla warfare against the Japanese invaders saw him propelled rapidly to senior positions within the CPM party structure. Immediately following the Japanese surrender, Chin Peng was appointed to the Central Committee and, ultimately, his party’s policy-making Politburo, aged 21. By June 1948, the Malayan Emergency erupted and Chin Peng, four months shy of his 24th year, became the British Empire’s most wanted man.

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