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Lady Treacher Girls’ School, Taiping

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Subject :Lady Treacher Girls’ School, Taiping
Published By : The Perak Library, Ipoh. 
Location : Taiping, Perak
Estimated Year : 1952
Media Type : Photograph
Source : History Of The English Schools In Perak / Main Convent Library
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The Perak Government established a Girls’ School at Taiping in 1889 with 8 girls and in 1891 there were 12 girls which was followed by an average enrolment of 36 each month by 1898.

Bishop Thoburn arrived at Taiping and several interviews were held between Bishop Thoburn and Mrs. William Treacher, the wife of the British Resident of Perak. As a result the Government handed over the management of the Girls’ School to the Methodist Episcopal Mission on Thursday, 4th May 1899. Mrs. W. E. Curtis, an accomplished lady of experience, was appointed headmistress of the school.

In January 1901, the Perak Government gave to the school an additional grant of land for the extension of the school premises. The Annual Prize Distribution was held on Friday, 15th February 1901. A Fancy Bazaar was held at the Town Hall at the end of the first term in 1901 to raise funds for the new school building and a boarding school for students and resident teachers which was opened in February 1902 and had accommodation for 25 pupils and teachers. The school was named Treacher Girls’ School after Mrs. Treacher because of her special interest she took in the school. In his Annual Report the Inspector of Schools recommended the highest grant from the Government because of the good school results. The senior class was at Standard Six.

As enrolment continued to increase, the urge for extra accommodation was great. In 1933 the Public Works Department allowed the school to rent the adjoining bungalow located at the corner of Walker and Museum Roads. Since the buildings were not suitable for the growing school, the Methodist Mission approached the Perak Government for a building grant and was given $30,000/-.

The new main building consisting of thirteen classrooms, an office, assembly hall, staff room, music and domestic science rooms and tuckshop were completed in November, 1941. The opening of the new building was performed by the late Sultan of Perak, H. H. Paduka Sir Sultan Abdul Aziz.

During the War, the Japanese used the schools buildings as barracks. The school was re-opened when the war came to an end in 1945.

In 1948, the school celebrated its Golden Jubilee. An important event was the Jubilee Tea given in honour of all former students. The Jubilee Concert helped to raise funds for a much needed six classroom block. This unit was completed before the end of 1949. Land for the playing field was then obtained from the Government and the third block was completed in 1951. The Perak Government gave a grant of $20,000.

The fine new hostel, a gift from the Methodist women of the U. S. A. , was officially opened on the 11th February 1952. The dedication was conducted by Bishop Archer. Miss Helen Desjardines succeeded Miss Olson was mainly responsible for the organization of the school library, the parent-teacher association and the prefect system.

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