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Sultan Yussuf Circle Fountain

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Subject :Sultan Yussuf Circle Fountain
Published By : None 
Location : Junction of Hugh Low Street, Gopeng Road, Tambun Road & Brewster Road, Ipoh families
Estimated Year : 1962
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Ian Anderson, Ipoh
Remark :

This is a picture of the Sultan Yussuf Circle water fountain, being one of Ipoh's grand views taken on a night shot. Sited at the key junction of Hugh Low Street, Gopeng Road, Tambun Road and Brewster Road it welcomes travellers to Ipoh from all directions. In the early days, this was an attraction often visited by local people and this photograph shows three or four families staring in wonder at this new feature of Ipoh. The actual date on which this photograph was taken is unknown.

Prior to the construction of the roundabout there was a set of traffic lights that controlled the traffic at the 4-way junction.

The water fountain was sponsored by the Perak Turf Club, in 1963 and name  in honour of Sultan Yussuf, who was the ruling Sultan of Perak at the time. The club had also diverted some of its funds to beautify the city such as constructing a Japanese Garden with a solar-powered clock, along Tambun Road. This has since been demolished.

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