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Ipoh: The Town That Tin Built

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Subject :Ipoh: The Town That Tin Built
Published By : Published by Phoenix Communications Limited 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1962
Media Type : Book
Source : Ipoh City Library
Remark :

This book was produced and edited for the Ipoh Municipal Council and published on May 31st 1962. It carries the following message from the sponsors written by Mr E G Waller, the last chairman of the Ipoh Town Council:

“As far as is known this book is the first attempt to create a comprehensive history and up-to-date account of Ipoh. It was published to mark the elevation of Ipoh to the status of a municipality.

As readers will discover, the beginnings of Ipoh have been lost in antiquity. But it seems certain that a kampong on the site of Ipoh was certainly in existence during the 1870s.

On May 31st 1962, Ipoh received the grant of municipal status, which set the seal on nearly seventy years of local government, which was first initiated in Ipoh by Sir Frank Swettenham in March on 1893, as the Ipoh Sanitary Board.

The far-off Ipoh Sanitary Board of those days has gone through many changes of name to the present Municipality of Ipoh. But the objectives remain the same; the provision of good local government for the citizens of the modern town which is the capital of Perak.

The book is published as Ipoh takes another step forward in progress, as a fully-elected council, with an elected president. The Town That Tin Built is an attempt to record the past and present of Ipoh in words and pictures. I am confident that the foundations which have been laid will be wisely used by present and future inhabitants of Ipoh to build a better and happier life.”

We also have a photocopy of this book (second picture) in our collection, donated to us by Kah Heng Poon.

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