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The Ginger Operations From 1958 - 59.

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Subject :The Ginger Operations from 1958 - 59.
Published By : None 
Location : Sungei Siput, Perak
Estimated Year : 1958
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng
Remark :

A page from Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng’s album showing the major CT Operational groups in Perak and Ginger’s “Q” Operation Flow Charts.

1. Major CT Units in Perak:

  1. MCP State Secretariat, Ipoh - CCM Siu Mah:

    7th District ASAL; 25/29 Section 31 Independent Platoon.

  2. North (10) District – SCM Lau Chan Chuen:

    Lintang / Lasah AWF; Jalun AWF; Klebang AWF; 10th District Asal; 27 Section 31 Independent Platoon.

  3. Central (8/9)District Chemor/Salak AWF – SCM Chor Chor:

    Pusing / Papan AWF; 13/15 Independent Platoon.

2. Operations Jarkman, Junket and Jobless FlowCharts and pictures of the various police officers involved are at the top right of the page:

3. On the right is a Group Photo of the men behind the success of Operation Ginger, namely, DSBO Yuen Yuet Leng and Inspectors Sik Woo Lien, Choy Kok Cheong and Ling Liong Li:

The six small photographs show, clockwise from top left:

  • Inspector / ASP Leong Chee Woh

  • D/Cpl Choo Chan JPP

  • Inspector Benard Thong JPP (Bar)

  • Inspector Chin Tow Loke JPP

  • D/Sgt Yap Fong (SB Sungei Siput)

  • Lee Weng (SB Grik)

  • 4. Yuen notes that SB’s success in the Ginger Operations, (Jarkman, Junket and Jobless) were a direct result of the bravery of the Chinese officers within the force who went undercover to infiltrate enemy lines managing to enlist the help of very prominent rebel leaders to either induce surrender or capture of terrorists. This led to the eventual collapse of the various entrenched CT units in Central Perak. He adds that the award of the JPP medal was only given to those Special Branch officers who took part in relatively the most number of dangerous missions, indicating that he believes that manu other officers should have been similarly rewarded.

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