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An Article From Vicinity Perak - From IIndian Nationals To Malaysian Indians - Volume 2 Issue 12, September 2006

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Subject :An Article from Vicinity Perak - From IIndian Nationals to Malaysian Indians - Volume 2 Issue 12, September 2006
Published By : Published by Vicinity Media Corporation Sdn Bhd 
Location : Ipoh, Perak
Estimated Year : 2006
Media Type : Article
Source : Vicinity Media Corporation Sdn Bhd
Remark : Local Indian activism began in the early 20th century focusing on the concerns of plantation workers. MIC was rooted in the Indian nationalistic movement which started during the World War 2. The Indian Independence League (IIL) formed in Bangkok was used by the Japanese during the invasion of Malaya to set up the Indian National Army (INA) in Taiping in 1941. These continued to exist and Victor Morais, an Ipoh journalist started the Tamil language publications in Perak when he was made chairman of publicity and propaganda division of the IIL.

The Malayan Indian Congress (MIC) was formed in 1946 due to a need for united representation in the Indian community and John A. Thivy, a prominent Ipoh lawyer was elected the first president. As MIC was initially viewed as a party of elites, it did not receive the Tamil majority support until Tun V.T. Sambanthan became President in 1955. The Central Indian Association of Malaya (CIAM) which played a significant role in pre and post Japanese Occupation not only promoted the interests of the Indian community socially and politically but also strove to unite the Indians and forge closer ties with India’s nationalists movement.

Malayan Indians identified with the Independence movement in India creating a strong feeling of Indian nationalism. Ipoh was an important town for the Ceylonese minority and it was here the Ceylon Federation of Malaya (CFM) was founded by E.E.C. Thuraisingam, a lawyer. Thuraisingam was instrumental in establishing a couple of educational institutions. For this contribution, he was knighted by the King of England. He also became the President of MIC and for his numerous services to the Indian community, he was seen as a unique leader.

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