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Brother Denis Hyndland - Eighth Brother Director Of St Michael’s Institution

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Subject :Brother Denis Hyndland - Eighth Brother Director of St Michael’s Institution
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Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1948
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Brother Vincent Corkery, SMI, Ipoh
Remark : Before the Japanese invasion of Malaya in 1941 Brother Denis had been Brother Director in St George’s School,Taiping. He and his colleagues suffered from being imprisoned in Taiping jail, interrogated by the Kempetai, imprisoned in Pudu jail and eventually being forced to take Japanese lessons. But worse was to come when he and his fellow Brothers had to survive on whatever the local community could provide for them as they had no other way to live.

Despite all these hardships, Brother Denis won through and in 1948 joined SMI as the eighth Brother Director replacing the long serving Brother Patrick. A post he held until 1955. Under his leadership the final extensions to the main building, one at each end, were completed in 1951. Post School Certificate Classes (later to be known as Sixth form) were also started for students intending to go to university. This led to an influx of students from other schools, including (for the first time) girls from the Convent of the Infant Jesus (Main Convent today).

Brother Denis is also remembered for assigning Mr Lee Guan Meng, Senior Science Master, to upgrade, plan and equip the laboratories and ensure that the school would have the latest facilities.

A popular leader, during his 6 years as Director, Brother Denis spared no effort to make SMI the best possible centre of education. He was replaced as Brother Director SMI by Brother Pius.

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