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Views Of Rose Villa - Towkay Leong Tian's Ipoh Home

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Subject :Views of Rose Villa - Towkay Leong Tian's Ipoh Home
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Location : 49 Gopeng Road
Estimated Year : 1978
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Leong Lim Seong, Ipoh
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These three photographs taken in 1978 give a good idea of the style of the home of Towkay Leong Tian and its previous owner Chung Thye Chong (brother of Chung Thye Phin). Clearly it was a grand house with Western accessories incorporated into a Colonial Style mansion, which Leong Tian bought for $70,000 in 1928.

The photographs show, from left to right:

  • Two grandchildren of Leong Tian, Lim Meng Siew (left) and Lim Ban Aik, son and daughter of Leong Lym Ching are standing under the porch and beside the large front doors of the property, which led directly to the main hall. This was the first of three large halls that stretched from the front to the back of the building. These halls, said to be as big as badminton courts led into some nine rooms including the kitchen and two air wells. There were stairs to the six first floor bedrooms.

  • The upstairs hall, leading to the bedrooms. Note that the dividing walls do not go to the ceiling, thereby allowing circulation of air. A general purpose wash hand basin is fitted

  • The "piece de resisistance", the master bathroom, amazingly fitted with a huge urinal and a toilet with separate bidet. That was really advanced at the time the house was built and demonstrates the financial standing of the builder and owner. Sadly the house was demolished just after these photographs were taken and six houses were built on the land it had occupied.

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