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Inaugural Ipoh Bougainvillea Parade 2004 - Part 1

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Subject :Inaugural Ipoh Bougainvillea Parade 2004 - Part 1
Published By : None 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 2004
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Jon J Tan, Ipoh
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Jon Tan kindly gave us permission to feature his view of the parade. He commented thus:

The inaugural Ipoh Bougainvillea Parade 2004.. January 4th 2004... 9am started off at Dataran Ipoh (loosely translated Ipoh Square) off Greentown business district. Twas a hot sunny morning and the participants certainly put on a great effort to entertain the crowd with their floral cars and performances. They had the works... cute animals, horses, ponies, tigers (yes tiger cubs roamed Ipoh streets)... it was certainly a carnival like atmosphere... colorful balloons, lollies, cotton candy.. fun for the family.. the local municipality promised this to be an annual event if proven succesful... given the crowd and humungous effort by everyone, let's hope they keep their word.. looking forward to next year's to top 2004... Photos by PC Ooi. Text : Jon J.

From left to right, the photographs as described by Jon show:

  • The Ipoh Specialist Centre Float. Jon described it thus: Just outside Greentown Business district @9 am. The parade was delayed so gave us plenty of photo ops opportunities.. here are a couple of kids with taking with the colourful car.

  • Entry 20. Nothing more is known about this splendid float which carries a logo and the Malay words "GAGAH MERENTAS GELOMBANG GLOBALISASI".

  • The Groundnut Entry. Jon described it: From local Groundnut sponsor, this huge replica of a groundnut was most eye catching. Complete with bougainvilleas decked all round, this was a crowd pleaser..

  • Editor's Note. The Tiger cub mentioned above was a disgrace that the council should never have allowed. Walking on the hot tarred roads the poor animal collapsed from exhaustion half-way through the parade. Cruelty to animals, particularly endangered ones should never be condoned.

    Secondly we are not aware of their being any more parades after this first one. Do you know different?

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