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Lennie Brookes’ Home In Ipoh: Chung Thye Phin’s Artistic Decor

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Subject :Lennie Brookes’ Home in Ipoh: Chung Thye Phin’s Artistic Decor
Published By : None 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1955
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Lennie Brookes, UK
Remark :

This was where Lennie Brookes lived when she was here in Ipoh in 1955, No 20, Chung Thye Phin Road. Her father was serving with the 15/19 Hussars as their Company Sergeant Major Instructor (CSMI). The mansion belonged to Chung Thye Phin one of Ipoh’s successful tin miners. Today this mansion has become a hospital called The Kinta Medical Centre.

The photographs show, from left to right:

  • A portrait of Chung Thye Phin done in mosaic. Lennie Brookes describes it thus:

    “I must say that the photo of Chung Thye Phin was beautifully done in mosaic and greeted us as we entered our flat. Strangely, it didn’t matter wherever you walked round the flat his eyes seem to follow and be looking at you.

    I imagine that when it was turned into maternity hospital that they must have taken it off the wall.”
  • The marble statue in front of Chung Thye Phin’s mansion. Lennie Brookes says:

    “This marble statue was outside our front door and must have been worth quite a bit of money. When I returned to Malaysia and went to see the old house the statue was no longer there, so I would love to know what happened to it.”
  • Another view of the statue.

  • N.B. Recently we have established that when the house was sold, the statue was given to a member of the family and we believe that family still has it.

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