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Press Cutting – Ipoh To Lose 66-Year Old Cinema

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Subject :Press Cutting – Ipoh to Lose 66-Year Old Cinema
Published By : Star publications 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1983
Media Type : Article
Source : Philip Labrooy, Ipoh
Remark : The press cutting reports that in 1983 the town will lose its Sun Cinema when it makes way for a multi-storey complex. It was originally built in 1917 used to screen western movies. The Shaw Brothers renovated it after the Japanese occupation. However, recently the cinema had lost out to other theatres in town. Peak Hua Holdings purchased the property for $10.5 million and is expected to build a 21-storey building there. Meanwhile, the Majestic Theatre is also expected to close down and will be taken over by a new management.

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