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Newspaper - The Perak Shimbun December 22 2604 - Governor Addresses Perak Sanjikai

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Subject :Newspaper - The Perak Shimbun December 22 2604 - Governor Addresses Perak Sanjikai
Published By : The Syonan Shimbun Kai  
Location : No.118, Brewster Road, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1944
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : Phillip LaBrooy, Ipoh
Remark :

This is a Japanese propaganda newspaper from the 22nd of December 2604 (1944). It was printed in Ipoh during the Japanese Occupation and cost 7 cents at the time. Its articles mostly talked about the war which, wrongly, was said to be going on in favour of the Japanese such as the headline here “Governor Addresses Perak Sanjikai”. Tyokan Kakka Naokata Kawamura struck a chord that the strengthening of the defence of Malai (Malaya) was very important as the life and death of the people themselves were concerned.

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