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Press Cutting - Thousands Attend Indian Mass Meeting In Ipoh

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Subject :Press Cutting - Thousands Attend Indian Mass Meeting in Ipoh
Published By : The Yamato News 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1942
Media Type : Article
Source : Philip LaBrooy
Remark : The press cutting reports that on august 12th huge demonstrations took place in Ipoh when the Indian population staged a public protest against the reign of terror that has started in India by the British Government in opposition to India’s struggle for immediate independence. The demonstrators numbering 17000 marched through the streets of the town carrying banners and shouting anti-British slogans. They then gathered on the Public Padang, where a protest meeting was held and a pledge of sacrifice was made in a resolution passed to the accompaniment of “Bande Matharam”, “Mahatma Gandhi-ki Jai” and “Down with Britain”. The Indian National Army was also on parade at the meeting. The meeting was opened by the President of the Indian Independence League Perak, Branch, Mr J A Thivy and was addressed subsequently by His Excellency the Governor of Perak, Captain Dara,the Camp Commander of the Indian National Army stationed at Ipoh and various workers of the Indian Independence League Perak.

My Thivy said that cruel punishments has been meted out on the national leader, Mahathma Gandhi and other Congress leaders for the terrible crime, according to the British tenets, of Indians daring to claim the right to live in their own country free from all foreign influence. They have been cast into the darkness of the prison cell for doing only that. It is strange indeed that people who claim to be the saviours of the down-trodden countries of Europe should have the bare-faced audacity to keep their heavy feet of domination firmly planted on the Indian soil. It is strange that people who claim to be the most humane of the human race should resort to the most inhuman acts of bombing, and machine-gunning defenseless men, women and children who practice non-violent methods of protestation against British rule.

But India’s patient has exhausted. Its belief, trust and hope that the Britisher will at least at this junction of the world war practice what he preaches and restore rights to India have been gone. The Indians were being treated in a very cruel manner. The president said that it will not be to the interest of the British propaganda to let the world know of the crimes she is committing to futile endeavour to extinguish the flame or patriotism that will only increase into a wilder one by her attempts at suppressing it. This will lead to a freed India of every vestige of foreign influence ready to embark on her ancient mission of preaching Peace, Truth and Humanity.

But until that day comes we Indians have a sacred duty to perform all in its power for the salvation of India. He appealed to one and all to come in the hundreds and the thousands and join the Indian Independence Movement and support it even to the limit of the utmost demands that will be made of them. The whole of India is rising to do or die. Let her sons overseas go to her aid. You are Nipponese subjects here in Malaya but you must give every assistance and aid to your Mother country in her fight against Britain, the common enemy of Nippon and India. Nippon has assured you of her whole-hearted help.

Capt Dara speaking in Hindustani called forth tremendous cheers and cries of “Victory”. He said the British Lion has after all come to its mean tactics, having been beaten in all theatres of war it has come down to try its might on the un-armed freedom loving Indians. We accept this challenge gladly, but this time unlike the past force will be met with force and blood for blood. The Indian National Army is going to be an Army equal in status to any friendly or foreign army, composed and commanded entirely by Indians. We are thankful to the Nipponese for their most friendly and timely offer of assistance during this time of need.

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