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Newspaper - Perak Shimbun December 19 2604 - Germans Counter-Attack On Broad Front; American Lines Overrun

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Subject :Newspaper - Perak Shimbun December 19 2604 - Germans Counter-Attack on Broad Front; American Lines Overrun
Published By : The Syonan Shimbun Kai 
Location : No.118, Brewster Road, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1944
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : Philip LaBrooy
Remark :

This is a single sheet Japanese propaganda newspaper from the 19th of December 2604 (19th year of Syowa); this date (2604) is calculated from the 1st year of installation of the Japanese Emperor, while the ‘19th year of Syowa’ means 19 years of the present Emperors reign. However, when converted to the Gregorian Calendar, 2604 is actually 1944. It was printed in Ipoh during the Japanese Occupation and cost 7 cents at the time. Its articles mostly talked about the war which was said to be going on in favour of the Japanese such as this headline “Germans Counter-Attack on Broad Front; American Lines Overrun”, which clearly was untrue. Some of the papers also included stories on the Kinta Valley and other International happenings around the world. They also contained advertisements on businesses in Malaya and details on government notices.

The image on the right shows the back of paper. Among some of news which features Ipoh are: 2 job vacancies along Station Road; a donation of $3,231.80 to the Airplane Fund; and show times at the Ipoh Bunka Eiga Gekijo.

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