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Scorpio Against The One-Eyed Dragon

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Subject :Scorpio Against the One-Eyed Dragon
Published By : Published by Rocky Mountain Press, Colorado. Author, Datuk Dr Leong Chee Woh ISBN 0-9763618-4-1 
Location : Malaya
Estimated Year : 2008
Media Type : Book
Source : Datuk Dr Leong Chee Woh / Kinta Properties Group
Remark :

The Malay Peninsula was part of the Chinese Communists grand design at subjugation of Asia and against which the Malayan and later Malaysian government, fought and won two long drawn wars known as Emergencies (1948-1960) and (1970-1990) against the Malayan Communists who were the lackeys of the Chinese.

Even in the early stages of the 1st Emergency, the Communists had anticipated that they would not be able to sustain a protracted war. For this eventuality, they had formulated plans for withdrawal north into another country to lick their wounds, rebuild and plan for another offensive against the Malayan government. To enable it to sustain a second offensive, and before they withdrew, part of their plan was to leave behind a selected highly trained group of communists to pave the way for the future.

The chief among the insurgents was a central committee member - the highest rank in the communist hierarchy - known only as the "One-Eyed-Dragon". The stuff of legend, no one knew who he was. There was only scanty information on the man and his whereabouts.

But that was about to change. Because of the great potential damage that could be caused by the group, the Malayan government decided it should be tracked down and eliminated. For this important mission a team of twelve Special Branch officers and men were infiltrated into the suspected area under the officer called Scorpio. Decorated for gallantry and valour, he stood head and shoulders above the rest as the one to bring the Dragon down.

With exceptional attention to detail, the author Datuk Dr Leong Chee Woh brings the struggle to life, providing even the most intimate details of the operation for the reader to evaluate. He describes the methodical planning and the amount if time it took to penetrate a group of twelve Special Branch officers and men into the suspect area. Nothing was left to chance. The hard won independence from the British could not be lost to the communists.

The author knows his subject well because he was in the Special Branch and because he is Scorpio.

This is the second book of a series which currently numbers four.

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