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The Jennings' Collection : Rose Cottage

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Subject :The Jennings' Collection : Rose Cottage
Published By : None 
Location : Cameron Highlands
Estimated Year : 1920
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Nicholas Jennings, Toronto, Canada
Remark :

These are photos of "Rose Cottage," built in the Cameron Highlands, the beloved retreat of J A S Jennings. The photograph on the left is old and taken in the days when the Jennings family would be regular visitors to the cottage. Those the centre and left were taken by his son, Cedric Jennings, in the early 1960's.

The cottage is still standing (2011) and is now a popular B&B. Grandson Nicholas Jennings hopes to one day revisit it and stay there with his family!

We were told by IpohRemembered (one of our blog readers) that:

...the cottage was built in ’31 or ’32....Designed by Charles Geoffrey Boutcher, it was one of his last projects at the firm of Stark & McNeill before he struck out on his own.


We thank IpohRemembered for this information.

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