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Descendants Of Leong Fee - Chow Yoon Soo's 60th Birthday Party At Kam Loong - Part 1

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Subject :Descendants Of Leong Fee - Chow Yoon Soo's 60th Birthday Party At Kam Loong - Part 1
Published By : None 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1962
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Sybil de ROQUIGNY-IRAGNE, France
Remark : This occasion was described by Sybil, our donor, thus :

The dinner was held at Kam Loong Restaurant famous for sharksfin soup and suckling pig. Irony though, the older ladies were seated upstairs (the task of climbing up the stairs for older legs) whilst the drinkers (in their prime of life) sat downstairs. Kam Loong certainly had foresight and took the risk of having the older ladies climb upstairs rather than to have the drunks fall downstairs after the dinner.

Photo 1 (left) - Chow Yoon Soo’s 60th birthday - Was it tea or cognac? Linda Leong was holding on to her mother’s shoulder. CYS already terminally ill but she was not told.

Photo 2 (right) - Wong Kok Sang Toast. This was definitely cognac. My father is proposing a toast (standing on the right, in front of the mirror). They used to bring boxes of cognac and drink it “bottoms up” with water (what a waste). The order of the day (night, would be more appropriate) was “to drink someone under the table”. An expression I have not heard of since my childhood. The walls of Kam Loong witnessed millions of “Yam Sing”. Taken on the ground floor of Kam Loong Restaurant with the bar counter at the back.

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