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History Of The Elim Gospel Hall, Ipoh (1913 - 2003) - Part 01 - How The Christian Brethren Movement Started In Malaysia

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Subject :History Of the Elim Gospel Hall, Ipoh (1913 - 2003) - Part 01 - How the Christian Brethren Movement Started in Malaysia
Published By : Elim Gospel Hall 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 2003
Media Type : Book
Source : Elim Gospel Hall, Ipoh
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The Elim Gospel Hall, Ipoh is part of a community of the Christian faith currently known as the Christian Brethren. Allow us to take you back in time to the start of the Brethren movement.

The Christian Brethren started in Dublin, Ireland in 1825 by Dr. Edward Cronin a convert from the Roman Catholics. He met with his friend Edward Wilson, assistant secretary to the Bible Society in Dublin to worship, break bread and study the word of God in Wilson’s residence. The two were later joined by Dr. Edward Cronin’s cousins, the two Misses Drury. Later on they were joined by Francis Hutchinson and Anthony Norris Groves and the number began to grow. Dr. Edward Cronin wrote how they were affected by the same truth, the oneness of the Body and the presence of the Holy Spirit. These well meaning and faithful first Brethren had met together because they moved away from the doctrinal slants of their day and endeavoured to emulate the historic Christian practice as exemplified in the New Testament. By 1831, the movement had spread to Bristol, England and then to other cities and countries of the British empire especially Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The history of the Brethren Movement most probably started in Malaysia (British Malaya) in 1859. Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman came and began a witness in Penang, then an important port in British Malaya. They were joined by Mr. and Mrs. William McDonald in 1866. In October 1898, a group of five missionary women had accompanied Mr. William McDonald from New Zealand to Penang. Among them were Mrs. M. E. Davies, Miss Sarah Shirtliff, Miss Elizabeth Dron, Miss M. A. Emerson. They soon settled down in Penang, Kuala Lumpur or other towns to do various missionary work for the Lord namely preaching, teaching and nursing duty.

The Holy Spirit laid the ground work through these men and women and by 1915, Brethren assemblies had been established in most of the major towns, like Penang, Taiping, Kampar, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Malacca and Singapore. These early missionaries came to our land at great personal sacrifice and risks. They were not supported by any missionary society or mission board and as such had no guaranteed financial aid. They came by faith, totally dependent on Almighty God to meet their every need.

These Brethren assemblies were simply known as Gospel Hall, Gospel Chapel or Gospel Centre governed by responsible brethren who were Elders or Overseers. Each assembly was fully autonomous.

The photo shows a scan of the cover of the Elim Gospel Hall 90th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet produced in 2003.

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