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Mind Force Principles Of Authentic Chinese Self-Defence Kung Fu Karato

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Subject :Mind Force Principles Of Authentic Chinese Self-Defence Kung Fu Karato
Published By : Author Leong Fu, 119 Anderson Road, Ipoh 
Location : 119 Anderson Road, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1967
Media Type : Book
Source : Charlie Choong, Ipoh
Remark :

About this Book.

Because of religious belief forbidding ancient Chinese monks from carrying weapons, this weaponless system of super-human fighting was founded and developed by them to such an extent that they could successfully resist and defeat blood-thirsty robbers who attacked and slew them just for the trinkets they wore. Taught exclusively and only handed down to selected disciples who were sworn to complete secrecy,this devastating art with its amazing power to paralyse, borrow or multiply fighting strength tenfold and to stun instantaneously on contact even the strongest man on earth without the use of brute strength, is now completely revealed and brought up to date for the first time in the English language by Leong Fu, the acknowledge greatest living master of Chinese Kung Fu Karato today.

Until today, authentic Chinese Kung Fu has been kept a secret from the prying eyes of the public. Only a very few may have heard the word "Kung Fu" mentioned once in a while by high-ranking exponents of the martial arts, and even then, only in whispers or in private.

In this book The Honourable Master, Leong Fu, has done everything possible to make the learning of Chinese Kung Fu easy and fast for everyone.

Merrill Leong remembers this about his uncle :

"Lee Leong Fu is the nom de guerre of Edward Leong Choo Liang. He is my uncle, the younger brother of my father, Robert Leong Choo Meng (ACS teacher).

Leong Fu was a world renown wrestler in his heydays and became very famous with his defeat of his arch foe King Kong (who in real life was his very good friend).

Disciples of Atado and Karato (2 martial art forms he created) would come from all over the world to pay homage to him, and his advice to them was always the same... practice restraint. In his later years, he became a devout Christian and advocated the way of love. Martial skills are only to be used in self defense and for the protection of the weak.

Although relatively short at around 5 feet 2, he was immensely strong. I remember him nearly collapsing his metal office desk one day when he whacked it with his fist in a rare display of anger.

Most of the hundreds of illustrations in the featured book were contributed by my own father using my hands and fists as models. Please do not think for a moment that I have inherited Leong Fu's Kung Fu skills as a result of this... I have not... too lazy to learn it.

The family of the late Leong Fu celebrated the 80th birthday of his widow beginning of May recently (2012).

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