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Leong Fu, Champion Of The World - Part 02 – Early Days In UK

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Subject :Leong Fu, Champion of the World - Part 02 – Early Days in UK
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Location : UK
Estimated Year : 1957
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : The Leong Family, Ipoh
Remark : From left to right, top to bottom the images show.:

A somewhat exaggerated early flyer/advert introducing Leong Fu to the British wrestling public.

A poster announcing his forthcoming International Heavyweight Contest against Robert McDonald at the Eldorado Stadium, Edinburgh on January 7th 1957.

The Yorkshire Evening Post article "Happy Days in 2508 featuring Leong Fu and his wife celebrating a traditional Chinese New Year, on 1st February 1957.

A poster announcing his forthcoming Orient v West match with Robert McDonald at the Leeds Town Hall on February 4th, 1957.

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