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Diary Of P.O.W. Life (During The 3 1/2 Years At The Hand Of The Japs) 1942-1945

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Subject :Diary of P.O.W. Life (During the 3 1/2 Years at the hand of the Japs) 1942-1945
Published By : Written by: R. A. Wanless; Reproduced by ipohWorld 
Location : Malaya
Estimated Year : 1945
Media Type : e-Book
Source : Ian Anderson, Ipoh
Remark :

While living as a Prisoner of War (POW) during the Japanese Occupation in Malaya, Wanless kept a diary - recording the 3 1/2 years at the POW camp. This POW diary was initially a hand written document, but to preserve the information for future generations, an A5 typewritten copy was made and stored in the family archives. This was then scanned by ipohWorld (www.ipohworld.org) and reproduced in this digital format with permission of the family. Today we present it as an e-Book. Such personal diaries are a treasure that should not be lost.

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