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Sloan's Liniment

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Subject :Sloan's Liniment
Published By : None 
Location : Malaya
Estimated Year : 1950
Media Type : Artifact
Source : Ian Anderson, Ipoh
Remark :

Around the time of the American Civil War, Andrew Sloan came up with a strong-smelling brown concoction. This liniment was applied on the shoulders of horses when their muscles stiffened from working on the plough. Andrew's sons - Earl and Foreman later peddled bottles of this liniment around town, especially to those who bought and sold horses. By accident, someone applied this "horse liniment" on his back and found relief! From then, demand for this liniment increased - thus the advertising slogan for this liniment "Good for Man and Beast". More can be found here.

The pictures show a box and a 4 oz (118 ml) bottle of Sloan's liniment. The label bears a picture of Dr Earl Sawyer Sloan and his signature. 

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