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A Century Of Services To The Community Of Ipoh: YMCA Of Ipoh 1915-2015

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Subject :A Century Of Services To The Community Of Ipoh: YMCA Of Ipoh 1915-2015
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Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 2015
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Source : Ian Anderson, Ipoh
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Founded on the 30th of March in 1915 in the Hall of the Anglo Chinese School, Ipoh, a group of Christian minded gentlemen that included Reverend William Edward Horley, Dr. K T Thong, Dr. J S Lee, Mr. A H Claesain, Mr. Jabez Angood and Mr. Aw Boon Soo. They founded the Young Men's Christian Association of Ipoh with Reverend W. E. Horley as its first president.

The association had its first clubhouse in a shop house in Brewster Road (Jalan Sultan Idris Shah). It occupied this premises until about 1919 when it had to give it up. Dr. W A Rogers allowed the YMCA to operate from the first floor, his dispensary at Brewster Road which was later occupied by Dr. A C Kathigasu.

After near extinction between 1919 and 1922, the Association revived when Reverend Horley and Mr. A. E. Moreira set up a building fund with a donation of $2,500 from the Government. It was only in 1928 with the help of Mr. J G Bridges and Mr V D Kuppusamy that the YMCA of Ipoh owned a modest clubhouse at Togo Street, now Cockman Street. Soon a 7-room hostel annex was acquired through the building acumen of Mr. C H LaBrooy and the Association was on its way.

In 1930, the Town Planner realigned the plot taking over land bordering Anderson Road and giving land extending up to Eastern Hotel and William Jacks along Togo Street. As this was insufficient for a proper playground, the Government allotted the YMCA a piece of land in the newly zoned recreation area which is now the Coronation Park (D. R. Park). This was composed of one acre freehold and 5 acres leasehold for a playing field.

The first allotment of land was in the middle of the present park near the Electrical Sub-Station. It was very swampy and uneven land and would have cost quite a sum of money to get it into a usable condition. But here again the Great Slump of the 1930s came to their aid. With large forces of unemployed mine workers the Government started a scheme to fill this area with sand from the Kinta River.

Later a dredge was employed to pump sand into the area and the filling of the land progressed very rapidly until the financial recession improved and mines opened up. But by this time the YMCA was asked to surrender its land and move to a place in the corner of the Park. They agreed to this and as a result had one of the best sites in the area. 

In 1953, the YMCA was asked to surrender its land which was in the middle of Taman Seenivasagam in exchange for the present site. With the future of the YMCA clear and the directions determined, plans were drawn and submitted.

On the 8th of December 1953, the foundation stone was laid by His Highness Sir Yussof Izzuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Jalil KCMB, OBE the sultan of Perak. The new double-storey building had the following facilities: the ground floor had a two-room office, Board Room also as Library, Main function hall, Billiard Room with three tables, cafeteria and gymnasium. The first floor was made-up of the following, the 28-room hostel - single and double-bedded rooms, two executive rooms, dormitories, a small meeting room and the General Secretary's Quarters. It was officially opened on 9th September, 1954, by H E Sir Donald McGilivray, High Commissioner, Federation of Malaya. 

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