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Malaya 1958

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Subject :Malaya 1958
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Location : Kinta Valley
Estimated Year : 1958
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Maurice Smith, UK
Remark :

We thank Maurice Smith for the pictures and the story. Smith was part of 'B' Company of the Sherwood Foresters, who were stationed at Columbo Camp in Ipoh (during the Malayan Emergency). Smith's story can be read via the pdf link. Also included in the pdf are several pictures, namely:

  • The patrol team crossing the river after ten days hunting the CTs (Communist Terrorists). At the front of the line is Corp Roy Knight, followed by two signalers. The 4th soldier is a dog handler (the dog's name was Span). Corp Knight is armed with an F.N. self loading rifle while the signalers have old bolt action Enfields. The dog handler carried a 9mm browning automatic pistol.
  • These two pictures show Private D. Pulford. Note that the pictures show how dense the jungle was, hence the yellow cross on the soldier's hat to distinguish him from the CTs.
  • 3 weapons recovered from the CTs.


The picture shown is that of Maurice Smith, taken at Columbo Camp after the ten-day patrol. According to Smith, the troop carried 56 pounds of kit, plus a rifle and 54 rounds of ammunition!

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