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Documents From Kinta Aerated Water Company (1)

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Subject :Documents From Kinta Aerated Water Company (1)
Published By :
Location : Perak
Estimated Year : 1934
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : Ian Anderson / Tenby Schools, Ipoh
Remark :

This first part shows a series of correspondence between Sahib Jaan and Edward Hodges. A summary of these documents are as follows:

  1. A letter dated 30th March 1934, addressed to Sahib Jaan through the services of Messrs. Maxwell & Kenion (Advocate & Solicitors). In this letter, Hodges claims that Sahib Jaan owes him 5 months wages.
  2. A reply from Sahib Jaan, dated 3rd April 1934, addressed to Hodges; unfortunately, the words are somewhat illegible.
  3. A letter from Hodges, dated 2nd April 1934; Sahib Jaan's company recently had a Creditors' Meeting, but Hodges was not informed.
  4. An earlier letter from Hodges (14th September 1932), stating that Sahib Jan owes him (Hodges) money.


Sahib Jaan was the manager of Kinta Aerated Water Company, which was founded by his father Shaik Adam.

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