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Enthroning A New Malayan Sultan - H H Sir Yussuf Izzudin Shah KCMG OBE

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Subject :Enthroning a New Malayan Sultan - H H Sir Yussuf Izzudin Shah KCMG OBE
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Location : Kuala kangsar, Perak
Estimated Year : 1949
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Ipoh Rembered
Remark :

The first picture donated by our regular supporter, Ipoh Remembered, reminds us of the ancient and colourful ceremony-the installation of His Highness Sir Yussuf Izzudin Shah as the new Sultan of Perak. The Sultan took the oath to rule his kingdom under the protection of King George VI. The installation that took place on 16 April 1949 was to have been held the previous year but was postponed, probably owing to high level negotiations taking place  on the future of the unpopular Malayan Union and its possible replacement. These involved the Sultans of all the States.

The new Sultan of Perak was installed with traditional ceremony at Kuala Kangsar, the Chief Court Herald whispers the ancestral secret into his ear. The secret is never known to more than two people at once. It concerns tho name of the Hindu demigod who descended into a rice patch near Palembang to become the ancestor and guardian of Perak.

Schoolboys marched from Ubudiah Mosque after the ceremonial feast attended by the new Sultan and his suite. The Mosque, like the Sultan's Palace, was festooned and floodlit by night. 

The installation of the Sultan's wife, not in this photograph, followed next day.

The new Sultan had previously visited England in 1934.

The second picture, which is numbered, is explained as follows (by our donor):

1, 2: As part of the ceremony, the new Sultan is presented with (1) golden arm-bands, known as Pontoh Bernaga; and (2) a sword, known as Pedang Cura Si Manja Kini. You can see that His Majesty is putting on the arm-bands, while the sword sits on a cushion awaiting presentation.

3: Sitting next to the new Sultan is Raja Idris, his cousin, the Raja Muda (he became Sultan Idris II in 1963).

4: Raja Noor Izah, the wife of Raja Idris, is the Raja Puan Besar (they were divorced before he became Sultan).

5: Henry Gurney is the British High Commissioner to Malaya (he was killed about two and a half years after this photograph was taken).

6: Last but not least, there is an observer up above, and he has a camera!

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