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Maxwell Kenion Cowdy And Jones Staff

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Subject :Maxwell Kenion Cowdy and Jones Staff
Published By : Volturna Press, Peterhead Scotland ; and Hythe, England 
Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1953
Media Type : Photograph
Source : An Irishman in Malaya – John Lowe Woods (photocopied)
Remark : This is a photograph of Maxwell Kenion Cowdy and Jones Staff, a famous legal partnership, taken on the 23rd of March 1953.

Seated in the front row from left to right is:

  • Subramaniam
  • Lourdeswamy
  • Seated in the second row from left to right is:

  • Chong Mun Siew,
  • Abdul Manaf,
  • R W Peters,
  • J L Woods,
  • C W Shuttleworth,
  • W J Huntsman
  • Cheah Sai Teik
  • Those who are standing from left to the right are:
  • Ahmed Sagaf,
  • P G Stephens,
  • R Letchumanan,
  • Ho Pong Yew,
  • Mohamed Eusoff,
  • Goh Siew Kiat,
  • Moo Huey Ah,
  • Lau Yee Hymn,
  • Osman,
  • M Samuel.
  • The photograph is taken from the biography written in memory of John Lowe Woods, by D E Moreton and published in the year 1977.

    The Maxwell in the name was Eric Maxwell, founder of the firm Maxwell and Kenion.

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