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Regulations Of The Foo See Hotel

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Subject :Regulations of the Foo See Hotel
Published By :  
Location : Hugh Low Street, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1942
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : Y T Lee, FMS Bar and Restaurant, Ipoh
Remark :

These regulations were issued by the Foo See Hotel on  20.7.1942. The premises became the Rex Hotel in 1952. In fact the date on the document is recorded, not as 1942, but as 20.7.2602. This being the traditional date from the Japanese calendar that Malaya was forced to use during he Japanese Occupation 1941 to 1945.

This notice is also written in Chinese characters and was printed by Kuang Ming Press, 11 Panglima Street, Ipoh which was founded in 1924 by  Chan Yew Wong.

The following are some extracts of the regulations that were listed in the document:

Travelers or lodgers should report particulars according to the identity card as required by the hotel before occupying a room;

Travelers or lodgers who possess luggage should pay their dues every three days, while those who do not have luggage must deposit an advance;

To observe the Sanitary Board, no sick people will be accepted. Should anyone fall sick while staying in this lodging house, he or she must leave immediately or he or she will be sent to the Government Hospital;

Nothing can be deducted from the rent if the visitors or lodgers have private accounts with our staffs;

An early report will be much appreciated when vacating the hotel for elsewhere;

Any complaint regarding our workers, please report to us at once.

The notice was framed and hung in the lobby of the Rex Hotel, (formerly known as the Foo See Hotel) Ipoh, off Hugh Low Street from 1942 until the hotel closed in 2008, having been covered up by the new set of regulations issued in 1952, which it appears remained extant until 2008. View this notice here.

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