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The First Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital, Ipoh

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Subject :The First Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital, Ipoh
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Location : Chamberlain Road, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1910
Media Type : Photograph
Source : The Perak Community Specialist Hospital Centenary Book
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This photograph shows the first building that housed the Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital.

The first hospital in Ipoh was built in 1889 between the railway station and the police station. It dealt with 'all ills' particularly beri-beri, fever and dysentery all of which were prevalent in the area. However, the Chinese immigrants (particularly from the mining community) felt that a maternity hospital was also necessary to deliver babies from among their poor.

Consequently a maternity hospital was founded in 1904 on a piece of land donated by Mr Cheah Cheng Lim, at Chamberlain Road, Ipoh. Funds were raised with the help of Foo Choo Choon and Leong Fee. It was established under the guidance of the Protector of Chinese William Cowan, and Dr R M Connolly, the state surgeon. This hospital became the new focus of medical philanthropy, providing treatment to the poor.

Later the hospital came under the umbrella of Perak Chinese Maternity Association, formed on 6 January 1923. It provided free maternity delivery and the training of midwives from 1924.

In 1937, Dato' Dr Khong Kam Tak, who was then the Medical Superintendent, with the support of public and non-govermental organisations managed to raise funds to build the new Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital at Kampar Road, Ipoh, its present site. The amount of money collected from these donations was $135,300. The piece of land was donated by late Mr Foo Nyit Tse (aka Tze), Mr Foo Choong NYit (aka Yit) and Mr Chang Chong Siew. The construction of the new hospital was completed in 1939 and officiated by the High Commisioner of the Federated Malay States, Sir Thomas Shenton Whitelegge Thomas on 7 October 1939.

When World War II came to Malaya in December 1941, the hospital was evacuated and the building was used as an administrative centre for the Japanese. Hence, the Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital moved back to the original site in the old wooden building (pictured)at Chamberlain Road. It was refurnished and started with 20 beds and a labour room. The patients were given free treatment, medication, food and services that were rendered by the voluntary doctors.

After the Japanese Occupation, the building at Kampar Road was leased to the British Military for $900 per month until the Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital relocated back to it in July 1949. Since then, the hospital has continued to serve public with funds from various fundraising events. The hospital continues to progress with expansion to provide better services. Since 1969, the hospital started to charge patients for medical services due to rising expenses, inflation and the discontinuation of the annual Government grant. In 2003, it achieved ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Certification and also changed its name to Perak Community Specialist Hospital.

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