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The Tronoh Mines Private Ferry

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Subject :The Tronoh Mines Private Ferry
Published By : None 
Location : Tronoh, Perak
Estimated Year : 1967
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Ian Anderson, Ipoh
Remark :

This photograph is taken from two loose pages of an unknown publication. It appears to be telling the story of a journey by car from South to North Malaya, but the extract we have only covers Slim River to Lumut. The date has been ascertained as late 1967 thanks to a book review of a new publication and a reminder to prepare for the forthcoming Christmas.

The article advises that the author and at least one friend passed through Slim River and before going into Kampar, took the Teluk Anson (renamed Teluk Intan since 1982) branch road, where after about two miles (some 3Km) they came to a signpost marked "TRONOH MINES". They took this new branch road, a private road, through the property of the famous Tronoh Mines, leased by Towkay Foo Choo Choon. The road led to a small stream with a ferry operated by the mine itself (see picture), their vehicles and personnel having first priority for the crossing.

The ferry was operated solely by the constant flow of water in the stream. The ferryman 'wiggled' one of the two tillers to berth the boat. These controlled the two rudders that can be seen behind the ferry house. At the 'upstream' side of this unusual ferry a cable led up to a trolley which ran on a high wire slung across the stream on two tall supports. It was reported to be a simple, economical and fast solution in getting their vehicle across the stream. After visiting the mine, the travellers moved on to Tanjong Tualang for a heavy meal of freshwater fish and prawns and then continued their journey to Lumut.

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