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The Start Of The Malayan Emergency By Dr David Reid Tweedie

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Subject :The Start of the Malayan Emergency by Dr David Reid Tweedie
Published By : Originally published by BeritaMMA. Author Dr David Reid Tweedie 
Location : Sungei Siput, Perak
Estimated Year : 1948
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Malaysian Palm Oil Association (Perak)
Remark :

In 1948 an appalling upheaval took place in Malaya, as it was still called, and it started in my practice in Sungei Siput. I was told by the Manager of Kamuning Estate when I made my routine visit that the Manager of Elphil Estate had been shot. I rushed to the estate and as I passed the entrance to Phin Soon Estate, now Sungei Siput Estate, I saw a policeman guarding the entrance. Also in the distance was a column of black smoke rising to the sky as in the days when smoke houses and stores were burned to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Japanese. I stopped and asked the policeman what was the matter. He said that the European Manager, Mr Allison and the Assistant, Mr Christian, had been shot and the store set on fire.

By the time I reached Elphil Estate a huge crowd including senior Police Officers and police had arrived. The Manager, Mr Walker, had been shot as he sat in his office by two Chinese pretending to be making a business call. He was a very popular Manager with his staff and labour force. At that moment a car drove up. It was Mrs Walker returning from a shopping trip to Ipoh.

The communists called also at Sungei Krudda Estate but the Manager was not in. So started the Communist insurrection in Malaya, known as the Emergency. I gave talks over the radio in Sydney, Australia, and Bath, Maine USA on how the Emergency started in this country.

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