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LaBrooy Family’s Neighbour – The Chew Family

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Subject :LaBrooy Family’s Neighbour – The Chew Family
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Location : Dulcieville Lane, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1959
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Philip Labrooy, Ipoh
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The picture on the left and centre were taken at the wedding of Mr and Mrs Chew. The picture on the right is of the Chew family – who lived at No.5, Dulcieville Lane, Ipoh. The Chew family were neighbours of the LaBrooys. The Chew family ran Boon Pharmacy; the pharmacy was at the ground floor premises of No.134, Belfield Street (near the Chung Thye Phin building).

According to one of our blog readers - who goes by the pen name A Descendent - those in the Chew family photograph are:

Standing L to R: Chew Gim Aik (d), Chew Gim Huat, Chew Gim Liat (d), Toh Jin Hin, Dr. Ong Liang Siang, Cheah Kim Leong, Ronnie Chew, Cheah Teong Aun (d), Toh Ngoh Lip (d), Woo Gim Hoe, Bobby Chew.
Seated: Mrs. Chew Gim Aik, Mrs. Chew Gim Huat, Mrs. Chew Gim Liat (d), Mrs. Chew Boon Chuan nee Lim Chooi Keh (d), Mr. Chew Boon Chuan (d), Mrs. Cheah Teong Aun nee Chew Saw Gaik (d), Mrs. Toh Ngoh Lip nee Chew Saw Tuan, Toh Swan Hwa.
Front: Jimmy Chew, Chew “Ah Chye”, Cheah Siew Eng, Cheah Kim Hye.

We were also told that this photo was taken in 1955 to welcome the second Mrs. Chew Boon Chuan into the family.

Dulcieville Lane, which used to be a housing area, is now Parkson Ipoh Parade.

Ipoh Remembered tells us:

The story of Boon Pharmacy actually began at the George Town Dispensary? One of the ancestors was an employee there for more than two decades. In the early ’20s he left and, with his sons, launched the family firm in Penang. He died not long afterwards but the sons carried on. Among them, one was prominent in civic affairs in Penang and even became a member of Tengku’s first governments (before and after merdeka).

As for the Ipoh branch, it was opened in the mid-’30s. Over the decades a number of physicians were associated with it: probably the most famous one was Dr. Wu Lien Teh

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