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Raja Bilah & The Mandailings In Perak : 1875 - 1911

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Subject :Raja Bilah & The Mandailings In Perak : 1875 - 1911
Published By : Published by Malaysian Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society / Author: Abdur-Razzaq Lubis & Khoo Salma Nasution 
Location : Perak
Estimated Year : 2003
Media Type : Book
Source : Raja Bilah And The Mandailings In Perak : 1875 - 1911 / ipohWorld Library
Remark :

In the late 19th century, a group of Mandailing migrants from Northwestern Sumatra, Indonesia, were among the ‘foreign Malays’ who played a key role in the new administration and socio-economic development of Perak.

Pioneering mining and agriculture activities, they opened settlements all over Kinta Valley and contributed to the growth of Papan, Pusing, Batu Gajah, Gopeng, Kampar, Tronoh, Tanjung Tualang and Chemor.

This book focuses on Raja Bilah, who succeeded the legendary Raja Asal as the undisputed leader of the Mandailings. As a British-appointed Penghulu, revenue-collector and peace-keeper, Raja Bilah harnessed the energies of Chinese miners as well as Sumatran migrants to make Papan the leading tin-mining town of its day.

This is highly recommended reading for students of the Mandailing people in Malaya.

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