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The Old Post Office & Town Hall, Ipoh

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Subject :The Old Post Office & Town Hall, Ipoh
Published By : Published by Perak Academy. Author: Khoo Salma Nasution & Abdur-Razzaq Lubis 
Location : Post Office Road, Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1917
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Kinta Valley Book / ipohWorld Library
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The Ipoh Town Hall and Post Office building is a historic structure consisting of interesting Moorish Architecture and designs. It was completed in 1917 with the Post Office  at the east end (shown) used as the Post and Telegraphs Office from 1928. This was the second building to be used for this role in Ipoh. Subsequently when new premises were built for the Post Office, the building was used by other government offices including the Tourism Department and as the Bumiputra Administrative Centre. Known by Perakians young and old as The Old Post Office, it has been empty since the early 1990's. It was restored by the Federal Government arounf 2010 but remains empty. A wasted asset.

This photograph shows the Post Office, with the Ipoh Town Hall behind it, shortly after its construction. Originally there was an uninterrupted view from the main door to the Birch Memorial Clock Tower.

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