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The Caldwells In Malaya - A Brief History

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Subject :The Caldwells in Malaya - A Brief History
Published By : Ipoh World Sdn Bhd 
Location : Malaya
Estimated Year : 1948
Media Type : e-Book
Source : Alison Cotterill, UK
Remark :

This is the history of one family, The Caldwells, who lived in Malaya from 1948 to 1963. This was a very interesting period in this country as it encompassed the uprising of the Communist Insurgents (The Malayan Emergency) as well as Merdeka (Independence from the British Colonial Power) and finally the birth of the new sovereign state of Malaysia.

Initially the family of a Tin Miner and Dredge Master they were eventually forced, by the demise of the tin industry, to move into the world of plantations.

Their story covers several different tin mines and plantations as well as the more normal everyday happenings in Malaya at that time - armoured cars, Special Constables, floods, snakes, fire walking, a Sultan's tea party, club life, family visits, home leave travelling by liner and more, much more.

With 31 pages of large print, lavishly illustrated with 55 original photographs this provides a rare taste of how Malaya used to be and makes fascinating reading.

It may be accessed by the pdf link below.


We recently received the following email from Alison Cotterill:

I thought you might be interested in knowing that I recently had contact with a lady who's family remembered my family at Salaba  Estate .Janaky Devi had sent me a message asking if I was related to the Caldwell's that had lived at Salaba .I responded saying yes .I am not sure where she got my details from but possibly from reading something on Ipoh World .

She then went on to say that her father was a managers driver and that her family remembered my father and his kindness to them .She related various things .It was very moving to read them and she told me we should be proud of what he had achieved and how he had helped people .

Janaky had her childhood on the estate she then went on to become a teacher ,recently retired and living in KL now .

My mum now 89 was delighted to hear all this and yet again it brought back very fond memories .Janaky also had news about other people mum remembered from way back .

Thank you for keeping our memories alive .

We are presently in Florida enjoying some sunshine .The weather back home apparently is pretty grim .


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