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Complimentary Notebooks From Esso

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Subject :Complimentary Notebooks From Esso
Published By :  
Location : Perak
Estimated Year : 1989
Media Type : Ephemera
Source : Jamil Hashim
Remark :

The pictures show two complimentary notebooks from Esso. The notebooks, in original condition, bear the drawings to two characters from the Thundercats cartoon.

Esso is an American brand that is the American trade name for ExxonMobil and its related companies. The name is a phonetic version of the initials of the pre-1911 Standard Oil (SO = Esso), and as such became the focus of much litigation and regulatory restriction in the United States. In 1972 it was largely replaced in the U.S. by the Exxon brand after it bought Humble Oil, while Esso remained widely used elsewhere. In most of the world, the Esso brand and the Mobil brand are the primary brand names of ExxonMobil, with the Exxon brand name still in use only in the United States alongside Mobil. Esso has recently disappeared from Malaysia.

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