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Brother Ultan Paul - Brother Director Of St Michael’s Institution

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Subject :Brother Ultan Paul - Brother Director of St Michael’s Institution
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Location : Ipoh
Estimated Year : 1961
Media Type : Photograph
Source : Brother Vincent Corkery, SMI, Ipoh
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The choice of Brother Paul as the successor to Brother Pius, was greeted with a warm welcome. He had been part of the SMI family since 1939 and had helped to rescue vital equipment before the Japanese took over the school buildings, as well as the bronze statue of La Salle that had dominated the facade of the school- all because he knew that one day SMI would rise again.

In January 1961, as Brother Paul took charge, his quiet style and sound basic values were soon in evidence. He was forced to extend the school facilities and his dream was for no half measures; the U-shaped 4-floor new block, that Bro Paul envisaged was to represent a doubling of floor area to provide a magnificent new library, several spacious labs, a large staff room, a new canteen and an administration offices. It cost RM700,000 and the government gave 10% while classes collections over 3 years came up to RM100,000. He personally joined Dr Lip Seng Chiew, Dr M E Tiruchelvam and Mr Yap Yin Fah and approached the school's traditional well-wishers to solicit assistance.

Bro Paul, a musician himself, gave personal encouragement the Military and Cadet bands as well as to stage productions, which were handled by Bro Casimir Egbert (a teacher from 1924 to 1929), Bro Vincent Corkery, and Mr Timothy Chee. These two arts being combined into notable successes with the two musicals he encouraged, “My Fair Lady” (1969) and “Oklahoma” (1971).

For more than 40 years, he served the students, the staff and the school with great respect, understanding and love. Rev Brother Paul served two periods as Brother Director, 1961 to 1971 and 1975 to 1985, on both occasions handing over the responsibility of Brother Director to Brother Vincent. Brother Paul is still widely acknowledged as the guiding spirit behind St Michael's today, and will always be remembered.

His devotion to the school was recognized when the Sultan of Perak conferred the AMN upon him in 1969.

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